How to Find out Who is the Owner of a Car

In today’s auto guide, we’ll help you with ways and tips to find out the owner behind a car and get all his contact details such as their name, and of course, address. That’s not all; by following our tricks, there will be additional data like the car specifications, equipment, mileage, previous owners, and any record for sales or others.

Identifying a car owner and getting his full name and address should be easier these days, thanks to the new technologies and the big number of tools available online. So, keep reading, and you’ll find all the answers in one place.

4 best ways to find out who owns a car

Now, let’s see how to find out who owns a car. But ensure you have at least some details like a license plate number or VIN. But if that’s not accessible, you can search using the car’s brand, model, or year.

You have to understand that when you check any vehicle registration status online. There will be details based on previous owners and mileage checks. Besides, it’s not always accurate with some platforms. That being said, few online search tools can help a lot and provide up-to-date car history reports that you can download and read any time you want. Now, here is how to find the owner of a car or even an abandoned vehicle.

1. Reverse license plate lookup

When someone reverses lookup the car’s license plate number, he gets access to all the historical data with more or less detail depending on what site or system he used. To run a license plate lookup for cars in the USA, visit any of these trusted tools and type the full number. Additionally, you can use this search way to find the VIN from the registration plate. And then use that data as an extra search way.

This technique works well, especially if you need to verify the details of a vehicle. But also, this is a smart method to see what vehicles someone owns, especially if that person is your husband, who hides vehicles and properties.

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Users don’t have to look elsewhere to find someone’s address with the car’s registration plate number. There is up-to-date information and even photos of old repairs, etc…

We can see that this method works well to lookup car license plates in California, Texas, Florida, and other states where there is a huge number of vehicle owners. It’s all about the size of each database. The bigger its size is, the more chances users get access to data.

2. Find the vehicle owner by VIN

Sometimes, people may find themselves in the need to identify the real person behind a car without using the license plate number. This happens with showrooms selling used cars, and they just hide any identification number. In this case, it’s still easy to find the real license plate number through the VIN.

That’s valid if the serial number is visible from specific locations outside or inside the of the car, such as the bottom windshield corner on the driver’s side from the exterior.

To find the current owner of the car by its VIN, it’s always recommended to look for the last name on the report. And some previous car sales reports show all the previous vehicle owners at once. That’s why, when reading the car VIN report, carefully look for owner names and focus on the last one, which is the actual person who owns the vehicle.

All these tips are still valid for all the states. However, if the car has been exported to another country, then, the information may not be all updated and accurate. And for that reason, you can find the registered owner of the vehicle using its VIN or by searching using all the states or focusing on one country at a time.

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On the other side, cars in Europe may have been listed in the USA when the current owner is located on another continent completely. But that rarely happens because algorithms update the databases of car owners and their information frequently.

3. Ask the police department

This is a good way to tell if the car is owned by the person you met or not. All you need is to ask your local police department if they can verify that exact vehicle ownership using the license place number.

They understand that you need that answer to know if you’re buying the car from a criminal or legit individual. So, they can help, and that depends on your state and city. Sometimes, things work better in specific regions because of local legislation.

4. Google the details

This may not look interesting if the car has no details on search engines. But once there is a traceable detail on Google, things can be better for your search. Google scans the web and finds the data, and by having that exact car VIN or license place number listed anywhere in forums, blogs, or even on social media sites, Google will show you that data.

For that, start with Google and type the full serial number of the vehicle. And if you’re lucky, you’ll find the person who owns it. If that’s not easy, then, search by its VIN or even more, use its make, model, and year. Some tools let you add the state or the city where you last saw the car. This helpful information filters the search results and brings accurate information.

That’s not all, you can add Facebook and any other social platform to your list of sites to search with. If there is any mention of that car, you’ll get the information by looking at the profile who posted that. The person may be the real owner who tried previously to sell it in groups or even on classified websites.

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What if you just know the name?

If all that you know about a car is the name of the person behind it. Then, here is how to find out who owns that car by name: First, use a people search engine like the one we talked about in the first section.

Next, type the full name and state of that guy. After that, you can get the search report with the full ownership history of that car, the person behind it, and all the possible information you look for, such as social accounts, phone numbers, etc…

Why do people need to get the car owner’s information?

Sometimes, it’s crucial to know whose number plate is because accidents can happen, and guys or ladies may leave their items behind without any contact details. So, imagine if someone who visited a local store or any other place forgot his wallet, for example, what you can do is look at the camera and see if the vehicle’s plate number can be identified.

If that’s the case, then, it will be easier to trace that code and find the owner’s phone number, email, or any other way to get in touch.

By doing an instant car license plate owner lookup, websites can provide the name of the person and his phone number or email. But that’s not always the case without an advanced search method that gives access to additional contact details, full car history reports, and hidden details. So, it’s recommended to use the most advanced search method that provides more detail, as you may need every piece of information later.

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