Best Types of Car Air Fresheners that Last the Longest

Who hates to smell a fresh, nice odor in his car all the time? Luckily, there are air fresheners especially made for cars. If you go to any car accessories store, you’ll find tons of them with different scents and types. Most car drivers want something that lasts long so as not to buy a new one every day. To decide the best air freshener that works for you, you should know the different types and fragrances.

Types of car air fresheners

The type here means how they operate; for a car, air fresheners can attach to the front mirror or simply place in the cupholder. The best luxury car air fresheners can last for weeks, while some strong car air fresheners come at a low price, but they won’t last more than a day or two. Now, some of the most common types are:


Hanging Car Air Freshener

This’s the most common type that nearly every car owner has purchased before. Cardboard air fresheners come in a variety of shapes and scents. You simply hang them on the rearview mirror, and they’ll release their scent. However, cardboard air fresheners don’t last for long. Maybe just a few days, and that’s why they’re the cheapest of all.


Can air fresheners last longer than cardboard ones, but they cost more? They come in a gel form inside a can with different scents as well. The can lid has some holes on the top or sides, so, when you open the lid, the scent diffusers. If you want to keep car air fresheners, you can close the lid at the times you’re parking your car. This way, you can make them last the longest time possible. The best options for these one are:

  • Areon Passion Gel Air Freshener for Car
  • Glade Car Gel with Refill
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Liquid containers

Liquid Air Freshener

Liquid containers are similar to cardboards in that both attach to the rearview mirror. However, liquid containers feature a small container with the liquid inside. The container is designed in a way that it can be half-opened then the scent is released. Liquid containers are more expensive than cardboard air fresheners as they last longer. Yet, they aren’t the longest-lasting air fresheners.


Plug-in is the upgrade of liquid containers as they have the same containers where the liquid resides. The difference lies in the mechanism, as plug-in air fresheners have a cigarette-lighter end. The air fresheners should be plugged into the lighter of the car. When you turn your car on, the lighter heats the liquid inside the air freshener and the scent diffusers.

Vent clip

Vent clips also contain a liquid scent, but they attach to the air vents. Once the car is on, and the air passes through these vents, the liquid releases the scent. The best thing about this type of air freshener and the plug-in ones as well is that they only work when the car engine is on. This way, they keep much of the scent until you’re already in the car. Some examples of these ty of air fresheners are the following:

  • Areon Coffee Car Perfume
  • Febreze Car Air Freshener


The last option for car air fresheners is the spray, sprays are similar to those used at homes, and they include two types. The first is the automatic one which sprays every period of time. Whereas the other type is the one, you spray yourself whenever you need to. Both options are available for cars, and they come in endless odors. I highly recommend avoiding buying the chinese sprayers especially when they are cheap ones, they’re not safe.

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Scents and fragrances

As mentioned before, there are many scents of air fresheners. For each of the above types, you’ll find numerous scents to choose from. You might need to try more than one to figure out which type you’ll like the most. Some companies like BMW, Mercedes, and Audi sell one of the best car air fresheners for smokers, while others offer dozens of gel variations and new odors.

Even if there are questions regarding that , generally, most air fresheners for cars have a fresh laundry scent which is a very basic scent. In addition, you can find different fruit and flower scents such as orchid or jasmine. For those who love the pungent scents, there are oud and musk oriental scents.

Keep in mind that you’ll smell this almost all the time you drive your car. So, you have to pick a scent that you love and doesn’t annoy you.

Charcoal Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are sometimes mixed with air fresheners, as both have to do with the car’s odor. However, air purifiers are different as they don’t release an odor. All they do is eliminate the bad odors from the car without adding any scent. Air purifiers are mostly a bag with the charcoal inside made of bamboo or coconut. This material absorbs all the odors in the car and holds them inside, so they act as odor eliminators.

Air purifiers are preferred by many people because they last for years. Since they’re made of natural materials, they’re environment-friendly. So, they’re sustainable products that have the longest-lasting effect. You just need to put the air purifier in the sun, and it’ll release the locked up odors and start to absorb more odors.

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Masking & elimination

Odor masking is different from odor elimination, while both will make your car smell good, there is a fundamental difference between both. Odor masking is simply releasing an odor stronger than the present odor of your vehicle. So, the riders no longer smell the initial odor and only smell the stronger odor. On the other hand, odor elimination is basically eliminating the present odor at all. Thus, even if the air freshener is removed, the previous odor won’t be smelled.

Air purifiers eliminate the odors perfectly but don’t release a scent, whereas, air fresheners either mask or eliminate the odor. In general, cheaper types such as cardboard or can air fresheners are odor masking. The more expensive ones, such as vent clips, can eliminate the odor. So, you can choose depending on the purpose and the budget.

What’s the best car air freshener?

In brief, if you want to just eliminate the bad odors of your car without adding a new scent, air purifiers are the best option. They’re also long-lasting and will save you money. However, if you need something that releases a pleasant odor, go for vent clips or plug-in air fresheners for a long-lasting smell. You can also use sprays but make sure you buy a quality product. Finally, if you’re on a tight budget and need to smell a light, nice odor for a few days ahead, and then get a cardboard air freshener, and it’ll do the job.

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